Crowhurst Cricket Club Pitch and Tea Rota

Following the successful introduction of a rota in 2007 for pitch preparation it was agreed at the recent committee meeting March 2010 to continue with this format again in 2010 and to include teas this season. I have therefore drawn up the rota for this year:

Last updated May 2012
Pitch and Tea rota will normally be posted here

I have attempted to avoid known commitments away from cricket, but where there is a clash, could you please arrange your own replacement. A selection of contact numbers are:

Kevin Cornwell812092 Neil Stapley422892
Dave Watters430533 Mike, Alex and Sam430677
Roger Dennard751296 Keith Jenner756005

John, Michael and Keith have kindly agreed to cut the square when they have time but we may have to cut a wicket, roll it and paint the batting creases for each match. Please remember to check the petrol in the roller before commencing any work on the pitch. Their contact numbers are:

John Edwards 830428
Michael Hone 830444
Keith Jenner 756005

Please keep Kevin Cornwell or Dave Watters informed if there are any problems or changes to the above.
Thank-you. KC